Corona update on university operations from 20.03.2022

Dear members of the University,

Several regulations in the Protection against Infection Act expire on Saturday 19.March 2022. These currently form the basis for the protective measures at the CAU, either directly or indirectly via regulations of the State Government of Schleswig-Holstein. The German Bundestag and the Federal Council are not expected to decide on so-called “basic protective measures” until Friday, 18.March and Saturday, 19.March, which will then apply as from Sunday, 20.March 2022. By all accounts, regulations for occupational protection against infection are expected to be determined by 25.May 2022 within an occupational health and safety ordinance by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs - however, the specific details are currently unknown.

In light of this currently very unclear legal basis combined with a very high rate of infection, the University Board has decided to extend the protective measures in place now at the CAU in accordance with the Hygiene Conceptual Framework from 08.February 2022. This extension will initially continue beyond 20.March 2022. Any adjustments can be made as soon as the future federal and state framework is revealed and then communicated punctually in advance.

Specifically, this means that as from 21.March 2022:

  • The obligation to wear face masks (surgical or FFP2 masks) in corridors, areas where people circulate and in lifts will remain in place in all CAU buildings.
  • Even though there is no longer an obligation to work from home, those wishing to continue working from home to the previous extent may do so, as long as staff and superiors agree. However, the requirement for doing so is that it must be possible to perform the activities from home with no restrictions, and the availability of the person working from home must be ensured. This regulation applies transitionally until 30 April 2022. The basis for working from home will be a new work agreement in future. We will inform you shortly about requirements, arrangements and the practical implempntation.
  • As it is expected that there will no longer be any basis for staff to prove their 3G status as from 20.March 2022, the requirement to provide evidence of this status at the workplace will lapse.
  • All previous protective measures at the workplace (AHA+L) according to the CAU’s Hygiene Conceptual Framework and the respective risk assessments will remain in place for the time being.
  • The offer for staff to self test will be continued: there will be the option to test yourselves at work once a week with a lateral flow test.
  • The examinations in the 2nd examination period for the winter semester 2021/22 will be held in the same way as in the 1st examination period – so mainly digitally.  Please be prepared for the 3G status checks before being allowed into the exam room for attendance examinations.
  • If lectures are still being held despite the lecture-free period, face masks (at least surgical masks) must be worn throughout the event.
  •  A hygiene concept must still be created for field trips and submitted to the Dean’s Office.
  •  A hygiene concept must still be created in good time for non-curricular or non-teaching events. Face masks must be worn at all times until further notice at such faculty-organised and voluntary events like lecture series, presentations, academic celebrations, etc. We currently do not know whether the 3G regulation must continue to be adhered to.

Please continue to prepare for a normal summer semester 2022 in attendance. You will receive more information about this shortly.

We ask for your understanding that we at the CAU will still adhere to certain protective measures, even in light of the fact that many restrictions to public life will soon be lifted. The University as an employer is obliged to do so to protect its staff and we also want to protect both our staff as well as our students. The measures serve to continue to minimise the risk of infection at the University for everyone involved. Even though the majority of COVID infections are mild, we want to and we must ensure that our research, teaching, administration and services continue to operate and that infections are avoided as much as possible.

We rely on your support and cooperation and that we can also make it through this challenging phase of the pandemic together with you, as a university!

With kind regards,

Claudia Ricarda Meyer, Chancellor