Mobile vaccination campaign at Audimax square – covid tests free of charge for students at Kiel University who are not fully vaccinated yet

Dear Students,

No more excuses! You are not vaccinated against COVID yet? The opportunity to go for your shot is now: From today to Thursday, mobile vaccination teams will offer immunisations, right in front of our Audimax from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Christian-Albrechts-Platz 4 in Kiel. Its´a walk-in service, hence no need to arrange an appointment. Two different vaccines will be offered. For further information, updates on capacity and waiting times please visit the  Corona pages on Kiel University's web presence. Here you will find our twitter feed informing you about the latest updates as well.

The University Board and the General Students Committee (AStA) strongly encourage all students who couldn´t get vaccinated so far to consider this opportunity. Taking advantage of our vaccination service you also demonstrate solidarity with people who cannot be vaccinated or belong to risk groups. Furthermore, you contribute to a safe and healthy studying and working environment here at Kiel University, and the fact that we can facilitate the upcoming semester in presence.

We from Kiel University offer students, who can prove their first vaccination, free speed tests. The service is available up to and including the 25.11.21. The tests are performed under supervision, and the certified results are considered a valid 3G-proof. They will be uploaded into the students COVID certificate in OpenOLAT right at our test facility. Hence, this quick proof allows to participate in on-site lectures and courses. Details on test locations, opening hours and requirements will be sent to you by email, alternatively please visit the Corona pages on the Kiel University´s web presence.

With kind regards

The University Board and the General Students' Committee (AStA)