Information for Students at the CAU

There are currently no changes to teaching and examinations in the current summer semester. At the moment, current schedules are coordinated for the summer semester and the examinations as well as for the winter semester. Digital courses and lectures that are currently taking place should be continued in this form until the end of the summer semester. All lectures and courses that require attendance, as well as parts of digital courses which also require attendance, will not take place until further notice. In the following you will find detailed information, which is constantly updated.

Advice Centres

Accessibility of CAU advice centres

All counselling institutions at the CAU are closed to all members of the public with immediate effect, initially until 19 April 2020. Counselling should take place by phone and by e-mail until further notice. The heads of the affected institutions will ensure adequate availability by phone. List of CAU's advisory and service offices (German only)

University outpatient clinic for psychotherapy (HPK) at Kiel University

The restrictions to our daily lives caused by the coronavirus pandemic are resulting in many people feeling unsure and suffering from psychological stress. This is why the university outpatient clinic for psychotherapy (HPK) at Kiel University has set up a telephone helpline under the number  0431/22180024, in addition to its existing therapy services. As from Monday 30 March, from 9am to 11am on Mondays to Fridays, you can speak to psychological psychotherapists on the telephone, and they will help you deal with topics such as disease anxiety, the tendency to worry, a loss of social contact, discontinued everyday structures or stress and conflict situations.

Courses in summer semester

According to a  decree of the state of Schleswig-Holstein, all classroom teaching is to be prohibited until May 3, 2020. In the case of suitable course types, digital teaching/learning formats, accompanied self-study or similar will be used wherever possible to compensate the loss of classroom lectures as far as possible. All lectures and courses that require attendance, as well as parts of digital courses which also require attendance, will not take place until further notice. All University establishments and facilities are still working on finding solutions to face-to-face events in the current summer semester and for the coming semester.


Information from the faculties:

The faculties of the Kiel University provide dedicated, faculty-specific information on teaching and examination activities during the Covid19 pandemic on their websites.

Infromation from the faculties on individual examinations (German only)

Unablility to participate in an examination due to illness or quarantine

In relation to withdrawal, if quarantine measures are ordered, this is treated as an inability to sit the examination. Please inform your Examination Office by phone or in writing, and immediately submit a  withdrawal form, and discuss how to proceed with your Examination Office. No proof is required for the time being. A reasonable suspicion is thus treated as an illness in terms of Section 23 of the Examination Procedure Regulations (PVO) for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes (the State Examination degree programmes are subject to the provisions of the  respective study regulations (German only)).

Examination registrations that have already been made remain valid. For students who have already cancelled their registration, there will be a new, separate registration phase, which will be communicated in due course. 

Examination period

All examinations will be postponed until further notice.

Tests without obligatory attendance and individual tests

For the upcoming examination period, only examinations without obligatory attendance (e.g. homework, final papers, etc.) and individual examinations (e.g. oral examinations) can take place. The faculties determine whether and how individual examinations may take place. Teachers have received appropriate instructions for conducting examinations under the current corona restrictions. Students are requested to contact their lecturers or the Dean of Studies of their faculty directly if they have any questions or problems.

Note: Different regulations may apply to state examination courses.


University Library (Central Library

The University Library (Central Library) will resume the lending and return of print media from May 18, 2020 in a specially set up self-collection and return area. This is possible in the periods Mo-Fr from 9.00-16.30 (except public holidays).

Further information on restricted lending and return of print media in the Central Library

Please note that the University Library (Central Library) will remain closed to all visitors outside of the lending and return of print media. This does not apply to employees of commissioned service providers and companies. All on-site services beyond lending and returns are therefore still not possible at present.

In addition, the University Library provides digital compensation offers for its users, which are published on the webpresence of the University Library.

Specialist libraries

The specialist libraries will remain closed for all visitor traffic until further notice.

Your access to e-media from home

All members and affiliates of the CAU have access to all electronic journals, databases and e-books licensed by the university via VPN access for access from home. Please note that for licensing reasons the regulations for F.A.Z.-BiblioNet differ.

Juris can be used via VPN in exceptional cases until 15.6.2020. Beck-Online and Beck e-Bibliothekcan be used via VPN in exceptional cases until 30.6.2020 (registration required).

Additional temporary e-media offers

During the Corona crisis, some providers and publishers are opening up parts of their e-media offers to all members and relatives of the CAU for temporary access via VPN access , without any licence agreements with the CAU. Our linked list of these providers and publishers will be continuously updated as new offers become available.

Purchase suggestions for e-books

You belong to the CAU and need a specific book title that is not yet available here? Suggest it to us for licensing as an e-book so that we can make it available immediately to all members and relatives of the CAU via campus-wide access. We ask for your understanding that in view of the total volume of 35,000 euros for all faculties, only low- and medium-priced titles can be considered for selection.

Interlibrary loan scanning service

Users of the University Library of Kiel (UB) can now order electronic copies of articles from scientific and specialist journals and partial copies of books (max. 10%) within the framework of inter-library loan in accordance with § 60e UrhG. Please place your interlibrary loan order for copies as usual via the GBV union catalogue.

In the context of the so-called COVID-19 emergency operation, libraries are allowed to send copies directly to their users electronically until 31.5.2020. Therefore, the staff of the University Library can send you your order by e-mail as a PDF file. Please check and complete your current e-mail address in your interlibrary loan account and in the order form. For this service the University Library will not charge any fees for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency operation. It is still not possible to provide paper copies or books via interlibrary loan. The staff of the University Library is available for your questions at

Obligatory attendance

Suspension of compulsory participation in digital courses

In the summer semester 2020, "virtual attendance" will not be controlled in the digital implementation of courses requiring attendance, as technical problems may arise, especially with video conferences and similar formats with special technical requirements. The aim is that students should not experience any disadvantages due to such infrastructural problems. The obligation to attend the respective examination regulations and thus the respective absence regulations are formally suspended; admission to an examination is independent of the "virtual attendance" at a course.

This does not mean, however, that students should not attend the course. On the contrary, they are still obliged to make every effort to attend virtual classes on a regular basis and to take part in courses - as far as this is possible and reasonable. The relevance of participation and involvement is just as evident as in the corresponding classroom teaching. Within the framework of the courses, students will be informed if alternative study achievements are offered for better exam preparation, if participation in the course is not possible due to infrastructural problems.

Attention is drawn to the possibility that, according to § 5 of the Corona Statutes, the obligation of virtual attendance in a module can generally be replaced by the obligation to provide alternative preliminary examination performances.

Stays abroad and travel returnees or people entering from abroad

ERASMUS activities

If students, teachers or other employees are in affected regions with the support of the Erasmus+ programme (all lines of funding), then any costs arising or already incurred due to changes in the travel plans of affected persons are regarded as "force majeure" and are thus fully refundable. Affected regions are those designated as such by the respective national authorities, so in Germany those on the  list of the RKI (German only)  and/or  the Foreign Office (German only).

For the assessment of the situation and the planning of further steps, all travel information on the pages of the Federal Foreign Office on the coronavirus, both the travel warnings and the stricter entry regulations for travellers from Germany to numerous destination countries, must be observed and documented in detail. More and more countries are imposing entry and quarantine regulations, in some cases even entry bans for travellers from Germany. 

Other stays abroad

Stays in the risk areas are strongly discouraged. Some of the partner universities there are currently closed anyway. Further developments should be awaited regarding planned visits, for example those which should begin in the autumn. Flight bookings etc. should not be made yet. The colleagues at the  International Center  are available to help with any other questions.

DAAD informs about funding programmes | Information for scholarship holders and applicants

The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) provides important information about programmes and for individual target groups, which is updated regularly.  Please keep yourself informed.

Travel returnees or people entering from abroad

With the "Regulations on Quarantine Measures for Entry and Return Travellers to Control the Coronavirus of the State of Schleswig-Holstein" of April 10, 2020 (german only), the state government has issued binding orders according to which entry and return travellers entering Schleswig-Holstein from a state outside the Federal Republic of Germany, either directly or via another federal state, must enter domestic quarantine for 14 days and may not leave their accommodation/flat (even purchases of daily necessities are thus prohibited). In these cases, the local health authority must be informed immediately upon entry into Schleswig-Holstein. Regulations concerning special exceptions to domestic quarantine are listed and explained in detail in the regulation mentioned at the beginning of this article and its justification. If you have any questions, please contact the local public health department.

Further information:

Term papers


Term papers and similar papers that can be done from any location. These are examination papers that are usually not postponed. Due to the closure of (departmental) libraries, however, the processing of these examination papers is often only possible to a limited extent. Extensions of time limits can be granted. Please check the websites of the faculties for information on the respective faculty-specific regulations.

Submission of term papers and theses

Main gate

The  main gate is constantly manned, so that theses and so on can be handed in on time here.

Digital submission

In order to adhere to a deadline, theses can also be submitted to the relevant Examination Office as a PDF file via stu-Mail, as long as it is not possible to print and bind the theses because the copy shops are closed. The prescribed type and number of printed and bound copies are to be submitted later, as soon as this becomes possible again. The digital file submitted before the deadline must be identical to the printed and bound copy handed in later.