Daniel Fehrle

Investments and inflation

»I investigate what households spend their savings on. Do they go for private assets like housing and cars? Or do they invest in corporate capital, so stocks and shares? At the moment I am interested in how these decisions depend on the economic cycle. My findings should help us to better understand what is happening on the property and stock markets and thus enable improvements to be made to economic policies. Research uses dynamic, stochastic models which are suitable for applying statistical techniques. These methods require a lot of time and computer power, and are selected according to the issue at hand. I am developing procedures to improve their efficiency for certain applications.«

Daniel Fehrle, 33 years old, born in Stuttgart. Since October 2022: Professor of Economics, particularly Macroeconomics, at Kiel University. Previously research associate at Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics in Lisbon, Portugal. 2020: Doctoral degree at the University of Augsburg.

Text: Kerstin Nees