Kiel University’s chancellor has been confirmed: Claudia Ricarda Meyer to stay in office for another six years

The members of Kiel University’s (CAU) Senate has confirmed its chancellor: Claudia Ricarda Meyer has been in charge of the administration at Schleswig-Holstein’s state university since May 2017. Today (Wednesday January 25th), she convinced the Senate to reappoint her for a second term, due to her outstanding achievements in the past six years. She will commence her second term in office in May this year. CAU’s President Professor Simone Fulda warmly congratulated her: “Claudia Ricarda Meyer has more than earned our university’s trust. I am very pleased about the result of this election! She has done an excellent job managing our university’s business so far. She led us safely through the COVID pandemic and is currently navigating Kiel University through the energy crisis alongside tackling multiple strategic challenges. Furthermore, she goes above and beyond in regular operations to advance our university´s operation and administration. I am very grateful for this and am looking forward to continuing to work together!”

Claudia Ricarda Meyer is Kiel University’s chancellor since May 1st, 2017. In her previous position, she lead the administration and drove the development at Leuphana University of Lüneburg. As a graduate in cultural science, she completed complementary studies in “Academic Management” at the German University of Administrative Sciences in Speyer. Since the year 2000, Meyer was involved in various functions at Leuphana University of Lüneburg and supervised projects such as founding the privately funded university and merging two universities. “I am extremely pleased to be re-elected and am looking forward to being able to shape and further develop Kiel University in the coming six years, together with the committees and the university members. Major projects lie ahead of us!”, said Meyer.

Chairperson of the Senate, Professor Wolfgang J. Duschl, also passed on his congratulations: “Claudia Ricarda Meyer has proven on several occasions that she is the right chancellor for our university. She is an excellent choice.I am certain Ms Meyer continues her successful work in this second term, and with a bit of luck she has to handle fewer crises!”

The chancellor is the head of the university’s central administration and is responsible for its budget, staff and structural development. The person also holds the environmental management officer and leads the crisis management team. In Kiel, the chancellor completes the five-person University Board along with the President, Professor Simone Fulda, at the helm, and the three Vice-Presidents, Professor Nele Matz-Lück, Professor Markus Hundt and Professor Eckhard Quandt.


Claudia Ricarda Meyer is the first female chancellor in Kiel University’s history.

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© Jürgen Haacks, Uni Kiel

The chancellor was confirmed after a presentation and Q&A session to the university public on January 25th, by the members of Kiel University’s Senate. Chairperson of the Senate, Wolfgang J. Duschl, and President Simone Fulda were the first to congratulate Claudia Ricarda Meyer.

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