Wilfried Rickels

Economics for technical climate protection

»Removing CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it are an important component in limiting climate change as negative emissions. Our working group is investigating the economic aspects of these possibilities. Up to now, there has been little research into the role of negative emissions in climate policy. We still need to better understand the economic mechanisms of these technologies in particular, as well as how they can be integrated into climate policy as efficiently as possible without suppressing emission prevention. In addition, there are the very risky and controversial interventions of "solar geoengineering", for example the introduction of very fine particles into the stratosphere to reflect solar radiation back into space. Such approaches could become an option as climate change progresses, especially for regions with high heat pressure, if we do not manage to complement emission prevention with negative emissions.«

written in German: Stiftungsprofessur (s) Begleitet durch den Stifterverband

Text: Kerstin Nees