Inga Heiland

International trade relations

»Global supply chains and the interconnections in international trade have slid further into focus over the past few years, on the one hand due to the coronavirus pandemic but also generally as a result of geopolitical shifts and just recently due to the conflict in Ukraine. The advantages and challenges of international supply chains, along with the importance of container shipping for the regional economy are the focus of my research. I am also interested in how risks are handled when new markets are exploited, as well as the opportunities and challenges of European integration. In my teaching I concentrate particularly on the international economic relationships of open economies.«


Inga Heiland, 36 years old, born in Ravensburg. Since April 2022: Professor of Economics at Kiel University, and head of the Trade Policy Research Center at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy. Previously: scientist at the University of Oslo, Norway, and at Statistics Norway. 2016: Doctoral degree at LMU Munich and at the ifo Institute in Munich.

Text: Kerstin Nees