Remco Stam

Resistance to plant diseases

»I am interested in the diversity and evolution of the molecular interaction between plants and microbes. My working group’s research particularly focuses on understanding how plants adapt to pathogens and develop resistance to them. This knowledge can help permanently protect agricultural crops from plant diseases. The wild tomato (Solanum chilense) is an important model organism for our research. We analyse the genetic diversity of resistance genes in wild tomato species and decipher their molecular mechanisms. In a new project we are using wild and cultivated tomato species to investigate the extent to which plant resistance also depends on the climate.«


Remco Stam, 38 years old, born in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Since April 2022: Professor of Phytopathology and Crop Protection at Kiel University. Previously research group leader at the Chair of Phytopathology at the Technical University of Munich. 2014: Doctoral degree at Dundee University, Scotland.

Text: Kerstin Nees