On the sustainable use of the ocean

European University of the Seas (SEA-EU) offers a digital, free learning tool

Recently, the university alliance SEA-EU launched a new online learning platform for students and the interested public. This Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) conveys information on the sustainable use of the coasts and seas, and raises awareness for a responsible stewardship of the ocean as a unique ecosystem. Interested users can choose from overall seven self-contained topics on aquaculture and marine biotechnologies, deep-sea research, oceanography, sustainability and coastal tourism, as well as logistics and transport. The interdisciplinary MOOC was designed by six members of the "European University of the Seas" (SEA-EU), including Kiel University.

Strengthening knowledge transfer, foster environmental responsibility

Since the beginning, the SEA-EU initiative pursues innovative learning and teaching formats as part of its activities. "The new MOOC series on sustainable use of the ocean is an excellent example of our collaborative partnership in SEA-EU and of our vision to strengthen knowledge transfer and foster environmental responsibility," says Dr Jonathan Durgadoo, SEA-EU project coordinator at Kiel University. "This big e-learning project brings together the expertise of all universities within SEA-EU and sets the next milestone in our digital teaching offers, also at Kiel University." For the past two years, Kiel University has already established three e-learning offers for students and employees of the SEA-EU alliance: digiTeachKit, digiCruise and digiCruise Europe.

The MOOC "Sustainable Use of the Ocean" has been recently launched online, is free and accessible from all over the world and free. It includes various learning offers, which can be used at any time and own needs. In addition to videos, the MOOC also includes chats, quizzes and links to in-depth information. Subtitles and audio descriptions for videos as well as alternative text for graphics and photos ensure accessible use of the content.

The project was implemented by Kiel University within the context of SEA-EU by means of financial support from the Erasmus+ program of the European Union, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Illustration of the SEA-EU MOOC "Sustainable Use of the Ocean"
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Illustration of the SEA-EU MOOC "Sustainable Use of the Ocean"

Logo of the SEA-EU MOOC "Sustainable Use of the Ocean"

About the SEA-EU MOOC "Sustainable Use of the Ocean"

The course offers aim specifically at undergraduate students and their lecturers, but are open to interested users who are keen to learn more about the ocean and its resources. Prior knowledge is not required for the MOOC participation. A certificate of attendance can be issued upon completion of individual topics. Detailed information on the individual learning modules is available on the SEA-EU MOOC website.


About SEA-EU – European University of the Seas

The vision of the European University of the Seas (SEA-EU) is to establish a distinctly international, pluri-ethnic, multilingual and interdisciplinary European University. SEA-EU aims to strengthen links between education, research and innovation, knowledge transfer, as well as to foster social engagement and environmental responsibility.

Since 2019 the alliance has comprised six universities: the University of Cádiz (Spain), which coordinates the alliance, the University of Western Brittany (France), Kiel University (Germany), the University of Gdańsk (Poland), the University of Split (Croatia) and the University of Malta. At the beginning of 2023, their cooperation is extended for another four years and intensified by the official admission of three more partners to SEA-EU 2.0: the University of Naples Parthenope (Italy), the University of Algarve (Faro, Portugal) and Nord University (Bodø, Norway).

The nine partners are promoting the development of the alliance towards a true European campus. The joint strategy aims to create a campus where all students and staff can experience Europe in a very tangible way, without bureaucratic obstacles, through a diverse range of activities and collaborations. The journey of SEA-EU, which was one of the first alliance to be launched by the European Commission, began in 2019 thanks to the European higher education initiative Erasmus+ and is currently one of 44 European higher education alliances.


Dr. Jonathan Durgadoo
Head of project office and coordinator
European University of the Seas (SEA-EU) at
Kiel University


Press Contact:
Friederike Balzereit
Science Communication Kiel Marine Science (KMS), CAU