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Kiel University Library’s new website is now online, as from today, February 7. These frequently visited pages are not only a virtual flagship and instructions on how to use the library - they are also often the first place students, prospective students, scientists and university staff go to for information. The audience gaining a first impression of the University Library and getting to know its offers and services via the website is also becoming increasingly international.

All informative texts have now been revised, tidied up and systematised so that visitors can find what they are looking for as quickly as possible. On the one hand, the necessary requirements for gender-fair language should be fulfilled consequently, and on the other hand, less technical terminology should make the contents easier to understand. Extensive information will also be included in English so that international guests also benefit from the new changes.

The pages have also been completely restructured under the CAU’s corporate design, in order to make it quicker to locate important services and resources and to make mobile use of the website simpler with the responsive design. A first semester guide is a new feature, which aims to help new visitors orientate themselves and to enter the library world.

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