Rollflex Project: flexible printed organic electronic

  • The project will be presented by an exhibit at the CAU booth for the whole fair week.
  • Responable scientist: Dr Yolandee Murat

What is presented?

RollFlex project is to contribute to the use of the large market potential for sustainable energy solutions by establishing the production of flexible solar cells and LEDs, based on organic materials. These devices show mechanical flexibility, light weight, low costs, and semi-transparency.

What is special?

The organic devices are fabricated by solution process, mainly slot-die coating, leading to reduce the process cost compared to commercialized devices fabricated by thermal evaporation. Semi-transparent devices allow new applications, such as smart windows or wearable technologies device.

What are the potentials?

In collaboration with a large number of relevant Danish and German network partner we seek to map the entire innovation circle from idea generation to preproduction and by this create a strong, high technological and academic-industrial centre that will exist beyond the project life time.