Functional whey protein fibrils for coatings and films

  • The project will be presented by an exhibit at the CAU booth for the whole fair week.
  • On Thursday, April 4, at 12:00noon and 2:30pm, Dr. Julia Keppler presents "Functional whey protein fibrils" at the CAU booth stage.
Dr. Julia Keppler - Scientist looks at glass bottle with the inscription Fibrils

What is presented?

Example illustration of the production of functional amyloid aggregates (fibrils) from whey protein. Presentation of future possible applications of the innovative biomaterial, for example as a film former.

What is special?

Using a special treatment, the whey proteins are separated into nanometre-sized threads, which have very good functional properties for the production of edible gels and film coatings.

What are the potentials?

The materials are biodegradable and harmless. In the future, whey protein threads could be used for developing surface coatings. Due to their liquid crystalline behaviour, there is potential for an alignment of the surface charge during film formation.