Environmentally-friendly polymer blend with potential as fouling-release coating


  • The project will be presented by an exhibit at the CAU booth for the whole fair week.
  • On Thursday, April 4, Dr. Martina Baum (12:30noon) and Haoyi Qiu (3:30pm) will present "Environmentally-friendly polymer coating" at the CAU booth stage.

What is presented?

A team of researchers has developed environmentally-friendly polymer coatings for maritime applications, which impair the adhesion of marine organisms. This special property will be demonstrated on aquaculture nets.

What is special?

This coating for aquaculture nets is a novel and not commercially available environmentally-friendly polymer system, which makes the use of biocides like copper components and similar substances unnecessary.

What are the potentials?

This easy-to-clean coating has potential for applications beyond the field of maritime sector, which are also subjected to biofouling, like industrial food production and biomedical applications in general clinical context.