The biomimetic approach that led to the development of the novel strain-stiffening structures from elastic materials is presented.

Concepts for Autonomous Ship Guidance

Sonoware premieres its AI solutions for the detection of acoustic events, early fault detection and predictive maintenance.

A fault-tolerant DC-DC converter based on a multiwinding transformer will be presented.

Establishing the production of flexible solar cells and LEDs, based on organic materials

Tomorrow's rechargeable battery consists of high-performance, nanostructured silicon anodes and sulfur cathodes.

Example illustration of the production of functional amyloid aggregates (fibrils) from whey protein.

Innovative Composites for quick joining between metals, fiber composites and functional carbon materials

The passive thermal probe (PTP) is a proprietary development of the workgroup Plasma Technology to diagnose and optimize the plasma-surface...

A team of researchers has developed environmentally-friendly polymer coatings for maritime applications.

Based on UAVs with RGB, multi-spectral and LiDAR sensors, we gather geodata for surveying, modelling and surface analysis.

The nano-pellets by myStandards are used as reference materials for determining elemental composition.

An innovative compact module as a fish farming system for everyone.

A new type of sensor, which controls the contactless measurement of particle flows.

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The G2 technology allows for a more precise analysis of software on a larger scale.