Bild mit bunten Kreisen und Text: kieler uni live, Kiellinie Seeburg, 17. bis 26.6.
© Uni Kiel

Our pagoda park

Our exhibitors in the Pagoda Park on the IBZ Meadow / Kiellinie

At kieler uni live ou not only have the opportunity to attend exciting lectures and presentations in the Seeburg but also to become a researcher yourself. Join our scientists in their pagodas on the lawn outside the IBZ at the Kiellinie. Delve into the world of mollusks and the expedition ship METEOR. Explore our past with VR glasses or assemble antique vases from shards. Participation is encouraged, and touching is expressly permitted. Additionally, you can catch a glimpse of tomorrow's mobility, discover small things with a significant impact, and learn the art of printmaking in a workshop.

The Pagoda Park is definitely worth a visit, especially if you aspire to earn the coveted “Bachelor of KiWo”.


17. - 25. June, 2023 - Zoological Museum

Verschiedene Muschelarten
© Jutta Darbek-Hasselmann

Tough Shell and Soft Core - the Diversity of Molluscs

Discover the second-largest animal group in the world in a whole new way and be amazed by the variety of shapes and colors of mollusks, such as snails, clams, and cephalopods. Get ready to explore the largest clam in the world and many other treasures from the Zoological Museum Kiel. Here's what awaits you:

  • Microscopy station featuring objects from the collection
  • Microscopy station with live animals from the Kiel Fjord (mussels, snails, and plankton)
  • Discovery box - What can be found on the beach?
  • Public preparation of a squid and a mussel
  • Writing with sepia ink
  • Face painting for children and painting station

17. - 25. June, 2023 - Central Student Advisory Service

Personen im Gespräch
© H.-G. Müller

Studying, but what?

The central student advisory service provides support for study orientation, whether you are at the beginning of your study choices or have specific questions about study programs and application procedures.
Prospective students can address their concerns in the Open Consultation Hour daily from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm on-site.

17. - 25. June, 2023 - CAU-Merchandise | Hugendubel Bookstore

Frau mit grauem CAU-College-Hoodie
© Uni Kiel, Jürgen Haacks

CAU-Unishop goes Kiel Week

Discover the wide selection and campus style of the University of Kiel. Here, you can find fantastic items related to CAU, from cool GOTS-certified t-shirts and hoodies to great everyday helpers such as the Mizu water bottle, skyline mug, or practical pencils:

  • Apparel
  • Accessories
  • Stationery

17. - 21. June, 2023 - Kiel Research Workshop

Flüssigkeit wird in ein Reagenzglas gefüllt
© Uni Kiel


Exciting Hands-On Activities and Experiments with the Kiel Research Workshop

At the hands-on activities offered by the Kiel Research Workshop, people of all ages can gain fascinating insights into the natural and social sciences. Participants are encouraged to experiment and try things out themselves.

Hands-on activities in the following areas:

  • Nanoscience
  • Robotics and Sensor Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Art and Language

17. - 21. June, 2023 - CAPTN Initiative

Visualisierung der Fähre auf der Förde
© Muthesius Kunsthochschule, Kiel

Mobility for Tomorrow - See, Experience, Learn

Diverse interactive activities for children and adults:

  • Virtual test field and LiDAR sensor technology
  • Lectures on ferry traffic in Kiel
  • Drawing competition "Best Ferry"
  • A ride on the Variaro platform with VR goggles
  • 5 Mini Q&A sessions: Meet the CAPTN

17. - 21. June, 2023 - Kiel Marine Science & Center for Ocean and Society

Forschungsschiff "Meteor" vor einer bergigen Küste
© Felix Gross

Research Vessel Expedition - Interdisciplinary Marine Research on Natural Hazards from the Ocean

Here's what awaits you on the Research Vessel Adventure:

  • VirtualR - From the Bridge to the Laboratory
  • Virtually accompany researchers on their expedition aboard the METEOR
  • Interactive poster on "Tsunamis and Landslides"
  • Learn more about natural hazards from the ocean and their research
  • Short films about marine research at CAU/KMS

22. - 25. June, 2023 - archäo:labor | ROOTS | SFB1266

Eine Frau setzt aus Scherben eine Vase zusammen
© Uni Kiel, Jan Steffen

Learning from the Past for the Present

  • Why did Rungholt disappear?
  • Which Bronze Age superfood is still a hopeful contender today?
  • How old is the plague?

Join us on a journey through time and explore virtually, as well as through tangible archaeological artifacts, how people lived in earlier millennia, how they influenced their environment, how they nourished themselves, how they dealt with diseases - and what we can learn from it today.

22. - 25. June, 2023 - Art Gallery

Druckwalze liegt auf Druckplatten und bedrucktem Papier
© Kunsthalle zu Kiel

"Freshly Printed!" - Artistic Workshop on Printing Techniques

Discover the diversity of artistic printmaking and try out this exciting process yourself. You can experiment with various stamping and printing techniques. With a little time, creativity, and some color, you can create your own small-scale artwork that you can even reproduce.

Here's what awaits you: Stamping and printing workshop for children and adults.

22. - 25. June, 2023 - KiNSIS & highlights of physics

Ein Wissenschaftler bedient ein Laborinstrument
© Julia Siekmann

Small Things with a Big Impact - Nanoresearch in Kiel

At the molecular and atomic level, unusual physical laws apply, giving materials new properties and applications. The KiNSIS research focus at CAU provides insights into nanoresearch from the perspectives of physics, chemistry, engineering, and biology.

Here's what awaits you:

  • Hands-on experiments on material physics
  • Color-changing materials from chemistry
  • Ultralight materials that can lift heavy objects
  • And much more!

22. - 25. June, 2023 - Institute of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology

Verfremdetes Bild zeigt eine Vase
© Landesmuseum für Vorgeschichte Halle, Kata Szilagyi

Material minds: How do you see the material world?

In addition to a presentation about our project, we will show you our eye-tracking equipment (goggles) and images of pottery found in Germany dating back over 5000 years of (pre)history. You can observe how your gaze is directed towards the ancient artifacts while using our equipment.

Discover more about the perception of objects and landscapes by humans in the past through our ERC project, and playfully learn how we perceive the world through our eyes.

Immerse yourself in the world of the past with our eye-tracking equipment.
Please note the presentation of the ROOTS cluster speaker Prof. Dr. Johannes Müller:

  • Title: "Material Mind - Magical Mind: Eye-tracking through the Times"
  • Time: Sunday, 25 June, 12 noon
  • Where: inside Pagoda 3

18. - 25. June, 2023 - Sports centre

Tansgruppe bei einem Auftritt auf einer Bühne
© Helen Rosenthal-Struck

The sports center of CAU presents itself every afternoon on the demonstration area in the Pagoda Park with an exciting performance.




lead by

target group
sunday, 18. June, 202316:00- 16:45Modern DanceHelen Rosenthal-Struckall ages
monday, 19. June, 202310:00- 10:45Yoga on the pier
zur Anmeldung
Luci van Walenall ages, with registration

monday, 19. June, 2023

16:00- 16:45TaekwondoJulius Fengerall ages

tuesday, 20. June, 2023

16:00- 16:45Modern DanceHelen Rosenthal-Struckall ages

wednesday, 21. June, 2023

16:00- 16:45TaekwondoJulius Fengerall ages

thursday, 22. June, 2023

16:00- 16:45AcrobaticsConny Schuldt and Lena Kruitall ages

friday, 23. June, 2023

16:00- 16:45AcrobaticsConny Schuldt and Lena Kruitall ages
saturday, 24. June, 202316:00- 16:45TaekwondoJulius Fengerall ages
sunday, 25. June, 202316:00- 16:45AcrobaticsConny Schuldt and Lena Kruitall ages

Key facts:

  • Where?  IBZ Meadow, Kiellinie 5, 24105 Kiel
  • When? From June 17 to 25, from 10.00 to 17.00 each day
  • For whom? For children from the age of 6, school classes, prospective students and everyday curious people of all ages