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With the FYORD program we support the development of young marine scientists by enabling young researchers from master students to postdocs to take the next step towards a successful career in marine topics.

The FYORD program is a jointly organized interdisciplinary and inter-institutional program of the Kiel Marine Science Research Center at Kiel University and GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel. As both institutions are committed to the promotion of young researchers and offer attractive opportunities for young scientists, they set up a joint program with FYORD. It is aimed at young scientists in marine research, from master's students to PhD students and postdocs, to build a cross-institutional scientific community within and outside Kiel.

FYORD provides permeability between training programs for each status group and at each institution, and also offers its own status group overarching courses and events. In this way, FYORD links two institutions and their youth development programs and fills any gaps in offerings. In addition to offering career guidance within and outside of academia for all status groups, the program offers needs-based courses focused on interdisciplinary scientific approaches to marine science and funding opportunities.

To promote international mobility and early financial independence, we encourage FYORD program members to apply for external funding; either from one of the existing funding programs we announce on our website, or from mobility funds from the FYORD program itself. By building a strong, status group overarching scientific community of all young marine researchers in Kiel, our target groups can benefit from the experiences of peers and others to develop new research questions or find their own career path.

FYORD Membership

FYORD members can take advantage of all the program offers and will be given priority when participation in courses is limited.
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As a cross-status group, cross-institutional, and interdisciplinary program, FYORD combines cross-status group and specific offerings from a broad range of programs.

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Steering Committee

To ensure target group-specific and needs-based offerings, FYORD is supported by a steering Committee that includes representatives from all status groups, academia, and members from outside academia.

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FYORD offers various formats for early career researchers in Kiel that promote career development and scientific networking and are aimed at all status groups.


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FYORD is a joint early career researcher support program of the priority research area Kiel Marine Science at Kiel University and GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel.


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