FYORD - Organisation

As a cross-status group, cross-institutional, and interdisciplinary program, FYORD combines cross-status group and specific offerings from a wide range of programs at both Kiel Marine Sciences at Christian Albrechts University and GEOMAR - Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel. There are specific offers for all young scientists, from Master students to PhD students and postdocs.

In the area of international cooperation, FYORD works closely with SEA-EU - European University of the Seas. SEA-EU's vision is to create a distinctly international, multiethnic, multilingual, and interdisciplinary European university that offers a broad range of personalized, expertise-based curricula and a developmental educational environment, as well as a comprehensive range of mobility and research-based education.

The FYORD program builds on the network of partners, providing the missing links and filling the gaps in status group overarching support for young marine researchers.

FYORD Membership

FYORD members can take advantage of all the program offers and will be given priority when participation in courses is limited.
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The structure of FYORD

Executive Board

The Executive Board of the FYORD program is responsible for day-to-day business and decisions regarding the program financially and is comprised of the following:

  • Prof. Ralph Schneider, Director of Kiel Marine Science, Kiel University
  • Prof. Katja Matthes, Director of GEOMAR – Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
  • Dr. Nicole Schmidt, Executive Manager Kiel Marine Science, Kiel University
  • Dr. Anja Reitz, Young Talents Support, GEOMAR – Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel

Coordination of FYORD

  • Dr. Christine Haunhorst, FYORD Program Coordinator
  • Daphné Pochhammer, FYORD Program Assistance & Member Management

FYORD Steering Committee


Graphic Steering Committee of FYORD

To ensure the quality of the FYORD program and its continued focus on the needs of the status groups, a steering committee meets regularly twice a year. The FYORD Steering Committee is composed of members of the Board of Directors, representation from each of the status groups, and established researchers and those assuming leadership positions for the first time; to provide feedback from an outside perspective, a non-scientist member is also part of the committee. In their meetings, Steering Committee members discuss program performance to date and future directions, shaping the program to meet the needs of the status groups. The committee is also responsible for ensuring that the program is embedded in the structures of the respective institutions.

  • Prof. Ralph Schneider, KMS
  • Prof. Katja Matthes, GEOMAR
  • Jonas Blendl – Master student representative
  • Deborah Stoll – Master student representative
  • Bruna Pandolpho, GEOMAR, und Jenny Friedrich, KMS – Doctoral candidates representative
  • Toni Cabus, KMS, und Sibiao Liu, GEOMAR – Postdoc representative
  • Nadine Mengis, GEOMAR – Young Investigator Group leader
  • Marian Hu, KMS – Young Investigator Group leader
  • Frank Melzner, GEOMAR – scientific representation
  • Peer Kröger, KMS – scientific representation
  • Sören Ehlers, Vice Chairman German Association for Marine Technology – non-scientific representation


FYORD Sounding Group

The FYORD sounding group consists of the FYORD program coordinator and all coordinators of the main partner programs. At monthly meetings, the sounding group discusses upcoming events and individual coordinators receive feedback on their plans for each program. The meetings serve to closely coordinate event plans for individual status groups to avoid redundancy and overlap. The sounding group thus helps shape much of FYORD's agenda as experts for the respective target groups.

  • Christine Haunhorst, FYORD Program Coordinator & KMS Postdoc Support
  • Franziska Werner, Coordinator interdisciplinary Master School of Marine Sciences (iMSMS)
  • Avan Antia, Coordinator Docs@FYORD
  • Enno Prigge, Coordinator MarData
  • Christel van den Bogaard, Coordinator PACT
  • Jonathan Durgadoo, Management SEA-EU at Kiel University
  • Cordula Zenk, Management WASCAL
  • Anja Reitz, Young Talents Support GEOMAR
  • Nicole Schmidt, Executive Manager Kiel Marine Science
Graphic structure of FYORD

Overview of the structure of FYORD and the different programs for the individual target groups as well as the integration of structures at Kiel University.

Support for master's students

As the earliest career stage of our targeted status groups, master's students form the roots of the FYORD program from which structures can evolve.



Support for doctoral researchers

As a bridging qualification phase between student and independent postdoc, the training and support of doctoral researchers plays a special role in the FYORD program.



Support of postdocs

Postdoctoral researchers face very specific challenges in building their independent research profile and making decisions about their career options within or outside academia.