People talking to each other

Participants of FYORD Retreat in deep discussion during the World Café

Within the FYORD program, we offer regular retreats to build a network between all early career marine researchers in Kiel. Those retreats address either all or specific status groups (master students, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers).

Each year in autumn, all FYORD members (i.e. all status groups) have the opportunity to meet their peers in a one-day event. The focus of the status group overarching FYORD retreats are to give orientation in career development within and outside of academia. We use specific formats to encourage the participants giving their feedback on current issues they have to face and future needs that the FYORD program can address.

In contrast to the status group overarching FYORD retreat, the status group specific annual retreats for doctoral (Docs@FYORD) and postdoctoral (Postdocs@FYORD) researchers, in spring or summer, respectively, will concentrate on scientific network building. In those events, the status groups will have the opportunity to discuss their own research with their direct peers and receive feedback for their future project plans. Those meetings can also foster collaboration between different work groups, scientific communities and institutions. Due to networking measures, the participants will also get to know each other better and get an improved insight on how scientific cultures may vary within marine research.

More about the „FYORD Retreat – Kick-Off Meeting“, 22.9.2022

FYORD Membership

FYORD members can take advantage of all the program offers and will be given priority when participation in courses is limited.
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