EuroMarine Summer School

Application-Deadline is March 09, 2023.

The EuroMarine Summer School “Emerging topics in coastal marine ecosystems” will be aimed at PhD students, most of whom will belong to the EuroMarine network. It mixes theoretical formation with practical laboratory sessions, field trips, oceanographic instruction, and demonstration of unmanned observation technology. Topics include some related to climate change such as marine heatwaves and ocean acidification, others with global impacts such as invasive species, microplastics and emerging pollutants, and finally a relevant part mixing management and social sciences in the study of the marine protected areas.


Funding: There is no course fee. Applicants can request a travel grant in the application form (100€ for participants from Spain and 200€ for participants from other countries).

Target Group: A total of 25 face-to-face places will be offered, of which at least 17 will be reserved for EuroMarine members, 5 for non-members and 3 for universities from the SEA-EU alliance that do not belong to EuroMarine. The number of online participants will be limited around 25 students.

Program: The summer school is divided into 41 hours of lectures, 15 hours of field trips, 8 hours of laboratory, 5 hours onboard a research vessel, and 6 hours of independent work for the development of an academically directed activity chosen according to the profile of the PhD students.

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The main objective of the EuroMarine Summer School is to achieve a broad and interdisciplinary training in a series of emerging topics in the study of coastal marine ecosystems.

The most important in brief:

Date: 07/04/2023 – 07/13/2023

Location: University of Cadiz, Cadiz (Spain) or Online

Application: The online application should include the title and abstract of the PhD project, a letter of interest, certificate of English proficiency (B1 minimum), and an abbreviated CV format (max 4 pages).

Deadline: 03/09/2023

About EuroMarine:

EuroMarine creates, facilitates and funds, training, networking and research opportunities to address emerging issues in marine sciences.


The application forms and further information on the summer school can be found on the Website of the Euromarine Summer School.