Workshop on the Impact of Fishing on Oceanic Carbon

Registration Deadline is April 04, 2023

The role of fish and fishing in the marine carbon budget is an area of growing interest in the context of the marine biological carbon pump (BCP) helping to regulate atmospheric CO2 levels. This workshop is designed to assess the Impact of Fishing on Oceanic Carbon and to chart a roadmap for future research and pathways to ecosystem-informed advice and management approaches​.



Thematic BlockDate
welcome, aims and science presentations04/25/2023
science presentations04/26/2023
science presentations, closing presentation and future steps04/27/2023



Fishing boat surrounded by sea birds
© Henningsen

Most publications on this topic focus on one aspect of the relationship only, but a more holistic approach is now warranted and will also be implemented in the workshop.


To register participants can contact either the Secretariat of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) that is hosting the Workshop or contact the chairs of the Expert Group (WKFISHCARBON) that is organizing the event.

Most Important Information

Date: 04/25/2023-04/27/2023

Location: ICES Headquarters, Copenhagen, Denmark or Online*

* Since there are daily discussion blocks that are not offered hybrid, in-person participation is encouraged.