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How do I manage to get my thesis topic or my next project?

The FYORD Science Café is an event for early career researchers from all disciplines of marine sciences who want to get input for their research, intend to exchange new research ideas or are also looking for advice for their own career.

In the format of a World Café, overarching issues will be discussed based on three specific discussion points in alternating small groups. Thus, participants have the chance to gain insights into different CVs and professional backgrounds of colleagues and to receive feedback on their own research from a different perspective. The dialogue takes place at eye level among like-minded people.

The FYORD Science Café takes place irregularly, but always at lunchtime and in attendance. The topics for events are based on the needs of the early career researchers, but can also be developed and proposed by them on their own initiative.

The FYORD Science Café is aimed at all early career researchers at Kiel University and GEOMAR, from masters to postdocs.

FYORD members who are already registered can register directly via the portal.

Those who are not yet members of FYORD can either register with FYORD and then register via the portal, or write an email to info@fyord-program.de (subject: FYORD Science Café registration | date of event; details in the email: Name, status group [Master, Doc, Postdoc], institution [GEOMAR / CAU], working institute / program).

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