FYORD Travel Grant – Tony Cabus goes to GeoBerlin

For the first time, the FYORD Travel Grant supported a FYORD member to visit an international conference.

Tony Cabus, postdoctoral researcher at the Walter-Schücking Institute presented his talk on “Navigating the Uncertainty: Rethinking the Relationship of Law and Science” in the context of negative emissions at GeoBerlin in September 2023. In accordance with its motto, “Geosciences Beyond Boundaries – Research, Society, Future” the interdisciplinary conference focused on the future challenges of geosciences in Germany.

Tony Cabus is the status group representative for postdoctoral researchers within FYORD. At the Walther Schücking Institute, he works in the research group of Professor Nele Matz-Lück on questions of international law in the context of marine research. For example, his research addresses questions such as how best to design a future regulatory framework for marine CDR (Carbon Dioxide Removal) in light of the many scientific uncertainties. Tony Cabus is involved in the DAM research mission CDRmare.

With the FYORD Travel Grant all FYORD members can apply for financial support of up to 500€ to present their research at international conferences.

People in a foyer
© Cabus

Overcoming borders is a central theme of the conference - so there is hardly a more suitable venue than Berlin with its divided history.