Sitting group of people

In FYORD Master students mix with their older peers in seminars and courses

Master students are the first status group addressed by the FYORD program. For students in this phase, orientation is of utmost importance, both in scientific terms, which research topics are interesting for future studies and individual scientific development, and in terms of options on the labor market.

For many students, the career path is not clear during their studies. FYORD aims not only to help clarify this with career guidance events, but also to connect Master's students with other young marine scientists, i.e. PhD students and postdocs. Through contact with senior and advanced colleagues, Master's students can benefit from their experience in finding the right research topic or in successfully applying to the (scientific) job market. In addition, PhD students and postdocs can share their expertise on what a PhD and research mean for a career and what master students should expect in these early stages of an academic career.


Dr. Franziska Julie Werner