interdisciplinary Master School of Marine Science (iMSMS)


The interdisciplinary Master School of Marine Sciences (iMSMS) is a cross-faculty and cross-institutional platform for marine science education. The iMSMS equally addresses students of the marine science master's programs at CAU and GEOMAR as well as interested students from all other disciplines.

The key objectives of the iMSMS are to promote inter- and transdisciplinary learning, to encourage student engagement with the topic of oceans and sustainability, to support career orientation in the professional field of marine sciences, and to strengthen international student mobility and networking in marine science studies.

To this end, the iMSMS provides open elective modules in integrated marine science, events on career and professional field orientation as well as Erasmus exchange options with Universities in Gothenburg and the SEA-EU alliance.


Dr. Franziska Julie Werner


FYORD Membership

FYORD members can take advantage of all the program offers and will be given priority when participation in courses is limited.
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