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cauliflower on a blossom
research | nano sciences | natural sciences

Kiel research team deciphers adhesive mechanisms in pollination

A black and white electron microscope image
research | life sciences | medicine | natural sciences

Kiel biochemistry research team proves the existence of a previously unknown alternative cholesterol transport mechanism inside cells


severely damaged ash tree
transfer | research | natural sciences

Kiel-based ecologists receive 2.4 million euros from the federal and regional governments for research project on ash dieback

SEM-image of a microscope
research | nano sciences | technology

A research team from materials science has developed a method of connecting plastics which enables completely new applications. For example in heart...

research | nano sciences | natural sciences

Chemists at Kiel University built the first artificial molecular machines that perform synthesis


the "Competence Centre for Genome Analysis Kiel"
research | medicine | natural sciences

New approach for personalised medicine

Barberton Mountains
research | natural sciences

Plate tectonics much older than previously thought

Forschung auf dem Meer.
university | study & research | research | marine sciences

Kiel University honoured as a European University with a focus on marine sciences - 5 million Euros awarded for international cooperation

Two men in an office
research | life sciences | agriculture & nutrition | natural sciences

A botanical research team from Kiel describes the effect of certain proteins

on the time of plant flowering


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