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Grafische Darstellung von C60-Molekülen
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The performance of modern electronics increases steadily on a fast pace thanks to the ongoing miniaturization of the utilized components. However,…

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Kiel scientists prove that 100-year-old Europeans carry a special sequence variation of the FOXO3A gene

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Scientists find link between genetic defect on chromosome 15 and epilepsy


Closely related animal species share most of their genes and look almost identical. However, minor morphological differences allow us to tell them…


Researchers at Kiel University report sequence-dependent effects of light on DNA


Reconstructing the climate of the past is an important tool for scientists to better understand and predict future climate changes that are the result…

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New collaborative research centre to investigate interactions between climate and oxygen budget of tropical oceans

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Research in Kiel, Lübeck and Borstel to receive around EUR 45 million

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