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German Research Foundation continues to fund the CRC 1182 until 2027


Johannes Müller is the only scientist from Germany to be an Honorary Research Associate of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research.

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Nerve cells and microorganisms cooperate to control feeding behaviour

Microscopic image of Nematostella

Study on the development of the microbiome published in the journal Microbiome

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Discovery of novel genetic regulation of sugar degradation in salt-loving archaea




The Cluster of Excellence "Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation" organized a symposium on gender-sensitive medicine and women in science

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The Cluster of Excellence PMI has awarded three of its most exceptional female researchers in Lübeck, Borstel and Kiel the highly endowed Dorothea Erxleben Female Investigator Award.

Expedition camp on ice shelf

Kiel scientist member of an international research team investigating the stability of the ice sheet in a 2°C warmer world

An artificial hill overgrown with grass on a meadow. On the highest point of the hill stands a man with tools.

New study proves connectivity between climate variability and societal changes in Central Europe 5500 to 3500 years ago.

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Kiel University and Trinity College Dublin receive €2.5 million EU funding to develop particularly reliable and sustainable transformers