Maritime Lighthouse Project during the Digital Week

Kiel University and software developer present digitalization project Marispace-X for observing our ocean

The Digital Week Kiel, an event in the North of Germany, is a hotspot for digital topics, trend radar and knowledge cloud. During the #DiWo23, Kiel University will take part alongside with the Kiel-based company from 7th to 13th May 2023. "After winning the last Schleswig-Holstein Digitalization Award, our participation in the Digital Week Kiel is a natural home game, because the digitalization of the ocean is one of the topics of our time," says Jann Wendt (36), CEO of GmbH, initiator of Marispace-X and alumnus of Kiel University.

How can we help find and recover munitions hidden in the sea? What are the future opportunities for students in the field of maritime digitization? How does the maritime digitalization project Marispace-X contribute to the energy transition? What are the advantages of the European cloud project Gaia-X for the future of our maritime data? Environmental geographer Wendt will answer these questions together with Natascha Oppelt, professor at Kiel University, on May 11 from 4:30 to 5:30 pm in the rooms of GmbH in the Wissenschaftspark (Einsteinstrasse 1, 24118 Kiel). They will also provide insights into their use cases "Biological Climate Protection" and "Munitions in the Sea", which Oppelt and Wendt are leading.

"As a research-oriented company, the contact with science is very important to us. In order for Schleswig-Holstein to remain at the forefront of maritime digitalization, we depend on the exchange with universities, but also on young talent from universities," says Wendt. "Because satellite-based research of seagrass meadows, for example, generates large amounts of data, we need projects like Marispace-X. This is the only way we can meaningfully assess the potential of biological climate protection. In order to mitigate climate change, we now have to link both technical and natural processes", adds Oppelt, who is head the Earth Observation and Modeling (EOM) working group at the Institute of Geography at Kiel University and is participating in the Digital Week event together with Professor Matthias Renz from the Institute of Computer Science at Kiel University. Both researchers are involved in the priority research area of Kiel University, Kiel Marine Science (KMS).

After the talk, there will be a get-together with the project partners to discuss Marispace-X, data spaces and future opportunities, and to get to each other. The event is free of charge and in German.

About Marispace-X

Marispace-X is a project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection in the context of Gaia-X. The goal is to build a maritime data ecosystem that allows stakeholders from business, science, government, and NGOs to securely manage, distribute, and analyze data collected about and from the ocean based on European standards and values, and to use this data to gain new insights and develop new innovative solutions and services in the future.
By developing this digital ocean ecosystem, the project consortium addresses several key challenges of this decade, such as climate change, marine conservation and digital transformation through numerous practical use cases, including Offshore Wind, Biological Climate Protection, Munitions in the Sea, and the Internet of Underwater Things.
The project consortium is led by software developer GmbH and cloud provider IONOS SE. Further Consortium partners are the maritime Big Data specialist TrueOcean GmbH, the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research (IGD), GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Stackable GmbH and SubSea Europe GmbH, Kiel University and the University of Rostock. The involvement of numerous other international associated partners and maritime stakeholders ensures application-oriented development in all areas.







Aeroplane over the sea.
© Marispace-X

Remote sensing and aerial photography play an important role in seabed analysis.

Sensor on sea surface
© Marispace-X

Water-based sensors can be used to verify remote sensing and aerial photography data and refine the analysis.

Measuring buoys
© Marispace-X

In the future, networked measuring buoys will enable continuous monitoring of munitions at sea.

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Kiel Marine Science (KMS), the Center for interdisciplinary marine science at Kiel University, is devoted to excellent and responsible ocean research at the interface between humans and the ocean. The researchers combine their expertise from various natural and social science disciplines to investigate the risks and opportunities that the sea provides for humans. The success of Kiel Marine Science is based on close interdisciplinary cooperation in research and teaching between researchers from seven faculties at Kiel University. Together with actors from outside the scientific community, they work globally and transdisciplinarily on solutions for sustainable use and protection of the ocean.

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