7th Future Ocean Network Event

Establishing a DFG Research Training Group "Ocean molecules: Function in marine microbial consortia"



An initiative to promote high quality research at the level of doctoral students



Welcome and Moderation

Prof. Dr. Nele Matz-Lück, Speaker of the Future Ocean Network, Walther‐Schücking‐Institute for International Law at Kiel University


„Research Training Group “Ocean Molecules – status quo and further perspectives”
Prof. Dr. Ruth Schmitz-Streit, Head of the Molecular Biology of Microorganisms group
Institut for General Microbiology, Kiel University

„Structural Microbiology: From Structure to Function”
Holger Sondermann, CSSB Centre for Sturctural Systems Biology
Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY & CAU

Open discussion

moderated by Prof. Dr. Ruth Schmitz-Streit

Earth’s ocean is a soup of microbes: bacteria, archaea, fungi and viruses provide a large fraction of biomass and, combined with a high turnover rate, ocean microbes dominate the fluxes of energy and biologically important elements. The ‘microbial loop’ thus deserves a prominent position in every carbon-flux model, which in turn are central in climate change forecasts. In spite of this importance, only a minute fraction of the marine biological and biochemical richness has been studied so far, e.g. we know less than 30 % of the functions of identified genes, the remaining is the so-called ‘dark matter’. When exploring microbial consortia, even less of the genome sequence data can be interpreted in a functional context. In our first round of this RTG, we will use Boknis Eck as a training and study core site and jointly concentrate on microbial consortia on marine particles, sediments, microalgae, sponges and plastic surfaces. We aim to dive deep into the functioning of marine microbial consortia while interweaving (i) microbial transformations important for the c-cycle and (ii) exploration of valuable biomolecules from a translational point of view. With this holistic approach, we aim to educate a group of PhD students to become proficient in interdisciplinary thinking, be well prepared to become professionals in academia or industry and support the involved post-docs to do the next step in their career.

(Invitation and Zoom-Link will be provided via the mailinglist of the Future Ocean Network,
the Event is open to all interested in Kiel Marine Science,
registration (E-Mail/Institution): info@futureocean.org)

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