Ocean Science Show at the Cinemare Ocean Film Festival

Exciting science under and above the water - presented in an entertaining way by young marine scientists

"Only the Tip of the Volcanic Island", "Mussels, Mines and Me(e/h)r" or "Climate in Past Times " - these are just three of the titles behind which exciting marine science research projects are hidden. Seven doctoral researchers and master students from the Kiel University gave more than 100 visitors an entertaining and generally understandable look behind the scenes of their everyday research work at the Ocean Science Show as part of the 7th Cinemare Meeresfilmfestival Kiel on Friday evening (29 April) at the Studio cinema at Dreiecksplatz. The seven young researchers work in different research groups at the Kiel University and the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel or studyat the CAU. In the Ocean Science Show they presented the whole diversity of marine research: from the coast to underwater volcanoes, from toxicology to isotopes.

A small selection of lecture topics

Elisa Klein works on rapid, catastrophic collapses - she studies how volcanic flanks can move underwater and trigger events such as tsunamis. This is her second year at the Science Show. "The Ocean Science Show and the opportunity to communicate my research gives me a lot of impetus for my science. I would like to continue to inspire many people for my topics in the future," says the PhD student at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel.

"I study foraminifera and the climate of the past. My research is complex, but it is also an important basis for understanding current and future developments. Explaining it in a simple way to a wider audience is fun and a real challenge," says Lena Jabasinski, who is doing her PhD at the Institute of Geosciences in the group of Professor Julia Gottschalk.

Magdalena Gatta Rosemary, a student on the CAU's Master's program in Sustainability, Society and the Environment, takes the audience on a journey to her native Chile. There she has already communicated research topics with scientists. She has now been in Germany for six years. Her plea: "Everyone needs access to science, it has to be in the books, in the media and on the street - available to everyone."

The Ocean Science Show kicks off to the Festival of Science

The Ocean Science Show, jointly organised by the Graduate Centre at Kiel University, the Kiel Marine Science (KMS) Research Centre at Kiel University, GEOMAR and KielRegion, was the opening event of the Festival of Science, the largest science event in Schleswig-Holstein. In the run-up to the event, Katharine Simmons, Lecturer in Communication and Presentation, and Ulf Evert from the Graduate Centre at Kiel University and Lecturer in Science Communication at the Center for Key Competences (ZfS), prepared the young scientists for presenting scientific topics. The communication experts supported the Doctoral researchers with helpful tips on how to communicate complex topics to a broad audience in an entertaining and lively way. The Ocean Science Show was also financially supported by FYORD, the joint early career development programme of Kiel Marine Science (KMS) and GEOMAR.

An overview of all speakers:

  • Megan Campbell, Marine Geodynamics Group, GEOMAR, "Breathing volcanoes" (English language)
  • Elisa Klein, Marine Geodynamics Group, GEOMAR, Only the tip of the volcanic island
  • Lena Jebasinski, Working Group Paleoceanography and Marine Geology,
    Institute of Geosciences, University of Kiel, "Climate analogues
  • Tobias Bünning, Institute for Toxicology and Pharmacology, University of Kiel, "Mussels, mines and me(e/h)r
  • Tim Marten, Organic Geochemistry Group, Institute of Geosciences,
    Kiel University, "Climate in the past
  • Dr Mariana Hill, Biogeochemical Modelling, GEOMAR,
    "Mesopelagic fish - to fish or not to fish (English language)
  • Magdalena Gatta Rosemary, Master Sustainability, Society and Environment,
    Kiel University, "The Dark Side of Science: Global access to scientific data


Talk by Elisa Klein with presentation of a ship.
© F. Balzereit

Elisa Klein from the Marine Geodynamics Group (Geomar) with "Just the tip of the volcanic island".


Lecture by Tobias Bünning with presentation of a seabed.
© F. Balzereit

Tobias Bünning from the Institute of Toxicology and Pharmacology (University of Kiel) with "Mussels, Mines and Me(e/h)r".


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Friederike Balzereit
Science Communication Kiel Marine Science (KMS), CAU