Podcast "Biomagnetic Sensing" of the CRC 1261 has started

In the Collaborative Research Center (SFB) 1261 "Magnetoelectric Sensors: From Composite Materials to Biomagnetic Diagnostics", researchers from materials science, electrical engineering and medicine are working on sensors that could improve medical diagnostics, for example. Unlike EKG methods, they do not want to measure electrical currents, but magnetic fields generated by the body. They have the advantage that they are not falsified by body tissue and can be measured without skin contact. But they are extremely weak and thus pose great challenges for the sensors and signal processing.

The new podcast "Biomagnetic Sensing" presents how these special sensors work, how the researchers proceed and why the "SFB" format is particularly suitable for this (and is funded by the German Research Foundation with up to 12 million euros). Here the scientists themselves have their say and provide insights into their work. The audio interviews and film teasers were moderated, designed and produced by Liv Schnoor, who is studying the master's degree "Media Studies: Film and Television" at the CAU. Starting in mid-April, one episode will appear weekly until the summer. The podcast is available free of charge on all common platforms. In the first two episodes, CRC 1261 spokesperson Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Schmidt and Prof. Dr. Martina Gerken an introduction to Collaborative Research Centers and the research of the SFB 1261. To the website with the podcast episodes "Biomagnetic Sensing"

To the website with the podcast "Biomagnetic Sensing"