EU funds European University of the Seas SEA-EU for another four years with 14.4 million euros

Exchange in research, teaching and transfer with a total of 9 European partner universities

The European University Alliance SEA-EU "The European University of the Seas" will be funded by the European Union with 14.4 million euros for another four years. The proposal submitted by SEA-EU, on which all the participating universities have worked rigorously over the last few months, has achieved the requested renewal and has considerably increased its budget. The concept, three years ago developed in KMS and with six partner universities, which is intended to lead to greater sustainability, internationality and stronger cooperation in marine sciences, will now be embedded more broadly in a university-wide framework.

From September 2022, Kiel University (CAU) will receive 1.87 million euros for this purpose. The consortium will grow from six to nine universities and will include around 150,000 students and 18,000 employees.

The programs and concepts developed in SEA-EU facilitate cooperation and exchange primarily at the levels of research, teaching and transfer, but also among the employees of the partner universities. In addition to classic teaching or study visits and joint research, language courses, job shadowing and sports events are just a few examples of joint projects. CAU will take the lead in providing career prospects for young researchers both inside and outside the universities. The goal is to develop a multi-ethnic, multilingual and transdisciplinary inter-university university campus to make important contributions to solving the major societal global challenges of our time.



Dr. Jonathan Durgadoo

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