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Collaborative Research Center 1182 honours professor from the University of Texas



Worm hosts and the associated microorganisms jointly mediate adaptation to a novel environment



Portrait of Metcalf and Schulenburg

US evolutionary biologist Jessica Metcalf talks as at the "Evolution by the Sea"


How bacteria evolve to a close association with a host organism


Altered fluid dynamics in the gut affect microbial colonisation

Scientist examining a human skull

Genetic factors acquired by Yersinia pestis contribute to our understanding of the plague pandemic in the 19th century


New Call: KLS Communicator Award, Deadline 30. September

group photo

International experts discussed the latest research on the link between intestinal bacteria and chronic intestinal inflammation at the international…

A lung in graphic form

Researchers at Kiel University and the Research Center Borstel implicate the role of known disease genes in lung microbiota composition.

Wed October 11, 2023 – 9:00-13:00
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