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Kiel Life Science-Newsletters Issue 01-2023 now out

Group photo with three people in white coats: A man on the left points with a pen at a petri dish held by the woman in the middle, the man on the right has a stack of paper in his hand.

Research team from Kiel University describes unknown defence mechanism

two speakers

Symposium "Fungi - the forgotten component of metaorganisms" of CRC 1182 and Kiel Plant Center

IMPRS EvolBio opens its 2023 search for outstanding doctoral resarchers, closing date for formal applications: 12 March

October 4 – 6, Kiel University

European Research Council funds "FungalSecrets" research project at Kiel University with two million euros

Microscopic image bacterium

Novel way to identify previously unknown pathogens via disease genes


Scientist in the laboratory

Links between gene mutation and the spatial structure of DNA in blood cancer

Deadline: 31. January 2023

Group photo

Novel learning app on metaorganism research


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