Evolving Health in a Sustainable Environment

About Kiel Life Science (KLS): The Interdisciplinary Centre for Applied Life Sciences KLS  at Kiel University links up research from the fields of agricultural and nutritional sciences, the natural sciences and medicine at Kiel University. It forms one of four priority research areas at Kiel University, and is aimed at achieving a better understanding of the cellular and molecular processes with which organisms respond to environmental influences.

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This covers a very broad spectrum: how agricultural crop plants adapt to specific growth conditions, or how, in the interaction of genes, individual lifestyle and environmental factors, disease can arise. Within this framework, health is always viewed holistically in the evolutionary context.




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New insights into the bacterial immune system

Research team from Kiel University describes unknown defence mechanism

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Kiel Conference: Fungi and their role in the microbiome

Symposium "Fungi - the forgotten component of metaorganisms" of CRC 1182 and Kiel Plant Center


Call: IMPRS EvolBio 2023 PhD Fellowships

IMPRS EvolBio opens its 2023 search for outstanding doctoral resarchers, closing date for formal applications: 12 March


October 4 – 6, Kiel University

7. March 2023,12:00 - 13:30 h

01. - 02. March 2023

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