KMS press releases and news


Discovered for the first time: New deep-sea enzyme breaks down PET plastic

Two women in a laboratory

Microbiologists from Kiel University are investigating the spread of Vibrio species and their interaction with marine organisms

Priority research area Kiel Marine Science presents exhibits at the „Highlights der Physik“ and „Science Day“

Portrait of a woman, sea in the background

Cassandra Bartels from the US investigates the role of the Southern Ocean in the global carbon cycle

Woman at lecture

Kiel microbiologist Ruth Schmitz-Streit presents results on the role of RNAs in infection processes in the sea and on land at a symposium in the USA

Group picture

Conference on the development, protection and management of beaches, dunes and forests in the Wadden Sea


Computer science methods for marine research selected as one of the five best papers of the year at a conference in Canada

Foto of Prof. Sebastian Krastel

Kiel marine researcher Krastel from the Institute of Geosciences succeeds Ralph Schneider


Public event on 30 August at Kiel University with keynote speeches on fisheries, biodiversity and ammunition.


Plastiglomerate of coral rubble held together by melted plastic debris.

German-Indonesian research team identifies new rock-like compounds from plastic waste and coral rubble for the first time