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Portrait Tal Dagan

ERC funds research project "pMolEvol" at Kiel University with 2 million euros


A group of people at a pier

MarDATA retreat from September 19-21, 2022, in Kiel

Alexandra Zoe Worden

Alexandra Zoe Worden has been elected for her scientific achievements in the field of ecology and biology of ocean ecosystems



A group of people in front of a building

More than 100 international experts discuss marine health with a focus on the impact of marine pathogens on ecosystems and society

SEA-EU the European University of the Seas – SEA-EU with further funding

Flooded road

Heavy rain and heatwaves: climate change with its extreme weather conditions is putting pressure on water and sewage systems as well as on the…

People with safety helmets on a ship

Professor Julia Gottschalk can trace the condition of the ocean back several million years in the sediment of the seabed. The processes in today's…

Underwater: a piece of concrete overgrown with plants

Students at the interdisciplinary Master School of Marine Sciences aim to bring new life to built-up coastal waters through the Living Sea Walls…

White beach at St. Peter Ording with blue sky

The beach at St. Peter Ording is to a large extent unique, but despite its huge dimensions its long-term future is at risk. As part of a major…

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