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Submarine shot

Researchers will develop management options for better balance of sea urchins and fish in marine forests

Bladderwrack on a brick

New research project tests cultivation of algae on foundations of wind power plants

Portrait Marian Hu

ERC Grant for Marian Hu's CarboCell project to study carbon fixation in marine organisms

Agricultural field on a slope, water in the background

Based on scientific literature a research team from Kiel University conducts meta-analysis of bacteria’s and fungi’s potential for their host plants


on Economics of Negative CO2 Emissions

People at work on the quarterdeck of a ship

Expedition team led by Kiel University investigates seafloor off Northwest Africa and the Canary Islands

Illustration of the SEA-EU MOOC "Sustainable Use of the Ocean"

European University of the Seas (SEA-EU) offers a digital, free learning tool

Map of the world

Model simulations illustrate the potential importance of predators and different nutrient limitations

Photo collage

2.3 million euros for the new “Kiel Training for Excellence” career development programme

Portrait Tal Dagan

ERC funds research project "pMolEvol" at Kiel University with 2 million euros


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