Scientists from Kiel Marine Science collaborate beyond the boundaries of their disciplines and faculties, through participating in overarching research programmes such as special research areas promoted by DFG and projects of the German Alliance for Marine Research (DAM) or multidisciplinary associations. Through their projects, they promote and develop the profile of inter- and transdisciplinary marine scientific research at Kiel University.

Polar microorganisms: planktoniella sol

KMS Key Themes

Over 70 working groups in KMS combine their expertise in five thematic groups, which regularly conduct exchanges and collaborative research projects:

  • Coasts
  • Governance
  • Blue Bioeconomy
  • Digital Ocean
  • Biological Marine Systems

Research Projects

Scientists from Kiel Marine Science are integrated into and hold leadership roles in inter- and transdisciplinary research projects. In these projects, they cooperate with university researchers as well as with external and international partners, actors from civil society, politics, government, and corporations. Additionally, KMS promotes larger research projects on key themes in marine, coastal, and climate research through its own programmes and tenders through the Future Ocean Network, with a particular focus on the interface between humanity and the sea.

smoking Mount Etna volcano
© Sebastian Krastel, KMS

View of the smoking Mount Etna volcano from the deck of the research vessel METEOR


Selected publications relevant to Kiel Marine Science (KMS)

Scientific articles published by researchers from Kiel Marine Science (KMS) are collated and managed in the Forschungsinformationssystem (FIS), the central database of Kiel University. Along with publications, FIS also allows for the recording, linking and use of lectures, projects, memberships or awards.



research vessel ALKOR and water
© Kiel Marine Science

View of the Kiel Fjord from the stern of the research vessel ALKOR