SEA-EU Cooking Contest 2021

Between February and April 2021, an alliance-wide cooking competition took place within the European University Alliance "SEA-EU - European University of the Seas". Students from all faculties of Kiel University and the SEA-EU partner universities Brest, Gdansk, Cádiz, Malta and Split were invited to participate with their best recipe for a delicious meal. No matter whether it was an appetizer, a main course or a dessert – all creative cooks from Kiel were invited to share their culinary knowledge with their fellow European students.

Cooking each other’s favorite recipes together and getting to know European specialties - that was the idea behind the SEA-EU cooking competition. Ideally, the recipe was supposed to be inspired by the “sea” - such as a dish made with ingredients from the sea or a waterfront presentation. In addition, students received bonus points for the use of sustainably produced food or a particularly creative presentation. The social media voting and the discussion of the jury showed a clear result. Following menu was selected as the best from students of Kiel University: Empanadas as an appetizer, crispy cod as the main course and a vanilla crunch trifle for dessert. The winners went to great lengths when submitting the recipes, describing the preparation well, adding photos and presenting the cooked dishes in a quite appealing manner for the final image. Some also flaunted their culinary skills with diagonally cut carrots. The professional chefs that were part of the jury praised such great presentation. Many of the recipes submitted had links to a personal story, as they were family recipes that showed a connection to home. The three students with the best recipes won a voucher worth 20 euros for either Jack's Kitchen, Café Resonanz or the shop Unverpackt.

Curious about what was cooked at the other partner universities? Check out at the SEAEU cookbook containing the 18 best recipes of the entire alliance!.

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