Erasmus within the SEA-EU Alliance

Would you like to study abroad? Would you like to get to know another educational system? Are you currently enrolled in a Bachelor or Master programme at Kiel University? Do you enjoy living by the sea? How about an Erasmus semester within the SEA-EU Alliance?

The European university alliance "SEA-EU - The European University of the Seas" wishes to promote the mobility of students within Europe and establish long-term cross-faculty cooperation between the six participating partner universities.

As part of the alliance, 100 new Erasmus placements were created for students of Kiel University (20 places for each partner university).

    Participating Universities

    Both bachelor and master students can complete an Erasmus semester at the following universities:

    Information about Erasmus+

    The Erasmus+ guide from the International Center summarizes all important and general information about Erasmus for students at the CAU.

    Advantages of an Erasmus stay abroad

    A semester abroad is very worthwhile and an enriching experience for various reasons:

    • It is a way to improve foreign language skills.
    • It is a chance to discover a new culture and European diversity.
    • It later improves job opportunities on the job market.
    • No tuition fees are charged at the host university.
    • There is a monthly financial support from the EU mobility grant (amount depends on the country group).
    • As a rule, free participation in a language course is included.


    Johanna O´Brien

    Dr. Jonathan Durgadoo

    • SEA-EU Koordination
      European University of the Seas (SEA-EU) I Kiel Marine Sciences (KMS)
      Kiel University