SEA-EU Virtual Teaching Collaborations

The SEA-EU partner universities have developed a measure called Virtual Teaching Collaborations (LOCs) to promote virtual mobility in teaching among the alliance members. Bilateral virtual teaching collaboration between the SEA-EU universities will continue to contribute to the internationalization of teaching and research in the future.

Professors, lecturers and postdocs from Kiel can offer a short teaching unit based on their research topic. Although the choice of topic is open, experience has shown that it makes sense to keep the topic general and introductory at first. A matching process compares the proposed teaching contribution (e.g. from Kiel) with existing and already accredited modules from the other five SEA-EU partner universities (Brest, Cadiz, Gdansk, Split and Malta) and thus determines a partner module in which the virtual guest contribution can be placed.

Basic characteristics of the cooperation:

  • The exchange is virtual.
  • The course content should be around 4 hours, if possible at bachelor level.
  • The language of instruction is open, but English is preferred.
  • The guest contribution can be unilateral or mutual.

Benefits of the collaboration

Virtual mobility in teaching is an additional offer to the classic physical mobility and is short-term. All SEA-EU partner universities offer teaching contributions and can also function as hosts. Guest lecturers have the opportunity to gain international teaching experience, to present their own research activities in a teaching context, to make international contacts with colleagues in their own research field and to initiate future cooperation opportunities. Host lecturers can enliven their own teaching material with an international guest contribution and, in addition, benefit from the networking opportunity. Through internationalisation at home, students are given first contact opportunities abroad and gain insight into research methods and teaching at one of the SEA-EU partner universities.


Dr. Jonathan Durgadoo

  • SEA-EU Coordination
    European University of the Seas (SEA-EU) I Kiel Marine Sciences (KMS)
    Kiel University

Dr. Franziska Werner

  • Interdisciplinary Master School of Marine Sciences
    Kiel Marine Sciences (KMS)
    Kiel University