Outreach & Transfer

Societal challenges in the fields of energy, environment or medicine are increasingly dependent on scientific knowledge, technological innovations and bright minds – and thus on a close exchange between science and society. KiNSIS communicates topics and methods of Kiel's nano,  surface and interface sciences to stakeholders from the media, politics and business. Important goals are to promote society's participation in science, to bring research results into application (technology transfer) and to counteract the shortage of qualified experts in the STEM subjects (Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics).

Zwei Personen betrachten ein wissenschaftliches Instrument
© Julia Siekmann, Uni Kiel

Scientific Outreach

From workshops for schoolchildren to lectures to media contributions: KiNSIS presents topics from the nano research in a comprehensible way and brings them to schools, politics and the general population. Many KiNSIS members present their research during major events at Kiel University and in the region of Kiel or organise their own formats.




Technology transfer

Bringing scientific results from the laboratory into practice, cooperating with industry in application-oriented research or setting up your own company as a student or scientist: Many members of KiNSIS are very active in technology transfer and are supported by the priority research area.