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New medium-voltage laboratory opens at Kiel University

Smart Transformer goes into field trials


How an intelligent and flexible power grid can function with renewable energies was the core question of the HEART (The Highly Efficient and Reliable Smart Transformer) project, which was launched five years ago at the Kiel University (CAU). Under the head of Professor Marco Liserre from the Chair of Power Electronics, researchers from the Faculty of Engineering developed a smart transformer. Due to its modular design, this transformer is easy to maintain and can be easily and cost-effectively scaled for various other applications. In data centers and aircraft electronics, for example, the innovative transformer could reduce energy consumption and increase safety. However, charging stations and other everyday applications can also benefit from the technology.

The project results will be presented to the public on Tuesday, October 29. All interested parties are cordially invited to a presentation by Professor Marco Liserre at 2:00p.m. Ali Kazerooni from Schottisch Power (SPEN) gives an outlook on the continuation of the project in the context of a field test "LV Engine". Subsequently, various concrete implementations will be shown in the laboratory. The new medium-voltage laboratory "HEART Platform Laboratory" at the Faculty of Engineering will finally be opened at 4:30 p.m. Here, further tests can take place under laboratory conditions parallel to the field test.

The event will be held in English. The laboratory is supported by the CAU, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Gesellschaft für Energie und Klimaschutz Schleswig-Holstein GmbH (EKSH). 

In short:

Date: 29.10.2019
Place: Faculty of Engineering, Kaiserstraße 2, Building B


Claudia Eulitz
Head of Press, Digital and Science Communication