Kiel University continues to suspend cooperation and student exchange with Russia

Campus information by the University Board, July 20, 2022

In violation of international law, Russia's attack on Ukraine has been going on for more than four months. For this reason, the University Board of the Kiel University maintains its position toward Russia and the measures taken in this context until further notice:

Institutional research cooperation with Russia remains suspended. It applies, among other things, to joint third-party funded projects or conferences. We strongly support maintaining individual academic contacts with colleagues in Russia and academics who have already left Russia due to the current situation.

In addition, we promote the use and support of scholarships and programmes that enable Russian academics at risk to come to Kiel.

Student exchange programmes will also remain suspended until further notice. The implementation of joint study programmes is also affected. Students at Kiel University will be further unable to study and spent time in Russia. The mobility of Russian students will also continue to be suspended, even if academic organisations such as the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) would allow mobility to Germany.

DAAD scholarships for Russian students, teachers, and researchers already in Germany will initially continue to be funded by the DAAD. The participation of Russian students, doctoral candidates, and staff in academic life at Kiel University is not affected.

Due to the current situation, business trips to Russia remain prohibited, regardless of whether they take place within the framework of cooperation projects. For planned travel to European countries bordering Russia, Belarus, or Ukraine, please continue to observe the travel and security advice of the Federal Foreign Office.

We strongly support the consistent action of the Federal Government and the sanctions of the European Union against the aggressor Russia and send a clear signal that scientific cooperation with Russia must continue to be interrupted under the current conditions.

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