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microscope picture
research | life sciences

Faulty DNA repair in intestinal stem cells leads to cancer

Woman at the lab
research | nano sciences | natural sciences

Kiel research team examines ultrafast conversion of light energy in a solid

Oliver Müller
research | medicine

Faculty of Medicine and UKSH Kiel receive 1.4 million Euros research funding from the EU

A seed with a slimy sheath
research | nano sciences | natural sciences

Kiel research team discovers strongly-adhesive nanofibres in the mucous sheath of plant seeds

Three men standing in a corridor
research | nano sciences | natural sciences

Physicists from Kiel develop new simulation method for the investigation of warm dense matter

founding document
university | study & research | research

Quality of research and teaching to be improved

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university | transfer | research

Written, bound, delivered: Kiel University’s (CAU) application for the title of University of Excellence is a good 175 pages long.

Rote Blutkörperchen
life sciences

Press release of the Excellence Cluster "Inflammation at Interfaces"

Mikroskopiebild eines Libellenflüges
university | research | natural sciences

Hamed Rajabi won second place with his picture of a dragonfly wing.

"Zographus regalis" from the Fabricius collection.
university | transfer | research | natural sciences

New exhibition of the historical Fabricius collection in the Zoological Museum in Kiel

doctors at conference table
research | medicine

70 posts for clinician scientists will be created within the next seven years.

Three men in a lab
research | nano sciences | natural sciences

Research team under Kiel leadership controls the function of iron enzymes with light for the first time

Horned frog
research | nano sciences | natural sciences

A research team from USA, Denmark and Kiel studies the chemical adhesion mechanisms of frog tongues.

Visualisierung des Rahmenplans für die Technische Fakultät
university | building & campus | technology

The Faculty of Engineering at Kiel University on the Ostufer Campus in Gaarden will undergo a complete renewal in the next five years.

female teacher in lecture hall
university | study & research | research

CAU takes a stance for gender equality

Group picture
university | transfer

Young startups need space and support. The new CAU incubator offers both.

university | research | arts & humanities | natural sciences

DFG funds joint project with participation of Kiel University

Global shape index derived from GOCE satellite gravity data.
research | natural sciences

Unveiling key geological features of the Earth’s lithosphere.

Portrait of a man in a suit
research | life sciences | medicine | natural sciences

DFG funds programme for "Clinical Researchers in Evolutionary Medicine" at the Faculty of Medicine at Kiel University (CAU) with close to two million...

Group Picture
research | nano sciences | technology

Institute for Material Science organises workshop on 20 years of research cooperation with the Technical University of Moldova.

Menschen stehen in einer Eingangshalle
university | research

200 young researchers informed themselves about funding opportunities for their research projects.

Venice and its lagoon
research | marine sciences | natural sciences

Kiel-based study shows: danger posed by storm surges could increase by up to 50 percent

Expedition POS496 in March 2016
research | marine sciences

Volcano flank moves under water – Tsunami is a possible consequence

Classroom with students
university | study & research

CAU application in the “Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung” programme is “excellent”.

Group picture of about 20 scientists
research | nano sciences | law | economics & social issues | technology

Kiel University delegation visits Japanese partner institution .

Organoide, hier mit 400facher Vergrößerung unter dem Mikroskop
research | life sciences | medicine

A study by the Cluster of Excellence "Inflammation at Interfaces"


research | life sciences | agriculture & nutrition

Kiel research shows: in five years large-scale cultivation would be possible.

group picture
university | transfer | research | marine sciences | nano sciences | cultural change | life sciences

Kiel University is one of the 19 top universities in Germany.

Andreas Mühling
university | technology

Kiel University is a national pioneer in implementing the programmes.

CAU President Professor Lutz Kipp and  Professor Gerhard Fouquet
university | arts & humanities

The historian becomes the second senior professor at Kiel University.

Green dock beetle (Gastrophysa viridula)

Novel bio-inspired surfaces make insects slip.

Two children have an exhibit explained
transfer | research

CAU knowledge locations once again offer fascinating insights into the world of research during the Researchers' Night.

Freigeist Fellow Dr Frigga Kruse on the podium
university | research | arts & humanities | natural sciences

One million Euros for research project at Kiel University on commercial hunting in the Arctic

Bernd Simon
university | transfer | research | arts & humanities

research | life sciences | medicine | natural sciences

Study by Kiel Evolution Center proves effectiveness of sequential antibiotic treatment against the pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Gabriel Felbermayr
university | transfer | economics & social issues

On the road in Silicon Valley, on behalf of Kiel University
university | transfer

inspiration for teaching and knowledge transfer at the CAU

Globale Karte der Sauerstoffverteilung.
research | marine sciences

Collaborative Research Centre 754 presents results on oxygen minimum zones

Scientist looking at an ampoule
transfer | research | nano sciences | natural sciences

Layered crystals from Kiel are used worldwide as a basis for exploring the nano-cosmos

A specimen of Blackfordia virginica.
research | marine sciences | natural sciences

Further spread of Blackfordia virginica into the Baltic Sea is likely

3-dimensional visualization of the surfaces of the micro-structured silicone surface
research | marine sciences | natural sciences

Kiel research team develops new coating to prevent biofouling on ship hulls

DNA helix
research | medicine

Researchers from Kiel and USA published reference data to improve cancer diagnostics.

Baby playing with toy
research | life sciences | medicine

An international study with the participation of the Cluster of Excellence "Inflammation at Interfaces" has for the first time demonstrated a factor...

Illustration shows three differently curved materials
research | nano sciences

Kiel research team increases adhesiveness of silicone using the example of beetles

device for taking sediment samples
research | marine sciences | life sciences

Kiel research team describes genetic and evolutionary mechanisms of nitrate reduction from foraminifera for the first time

Man standing in front of a blackboard
transfer | research | nano sciences | natural sciences

German-Brazilian workshop for the targeted production of nanomaterials takes place at Kiel University from July 31st until August 2nd

The image shows the unique stone sculptures called moai.
research | natural sciences

International research team under Kiel leadership discovers prehistoric pigment production sites

A group of people in front of a screen displaying a logo

On July 19 and 20 more than 30 representatives of the German March for Science groups from 12 cities came to Kiel on an invitation of physics...

A group of people in front of Kiel City Hall
study & research | arts & humanities

71st International Summer Course at Kiel University

Four people, one holds a certificate of appointment in hand
university | medicine

Günther Deuschl is Kiel University’s first senior professor

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