Current restrictions

Campus area A

The reason for these measurements is the improvent of the pathways to the emergency exits.

Due to numerous construction measures in campus area A, the entrance road to the entire campus area A will be closed for private vehicles as from 11…

Campus area B

From 13. March 2023 a no parking zone will be set up in Max-Eyth-Straße next to the building Otto-Hahn-Platz 9. The reason for this is the…

Starting on 13.03.2023 areas around the building at Heinrich-Hecht-Platz 9 and the parking spaces opposite by the modular buildings will be blocked.…

At the construction site at Heinrich-Hecht-Platz 5 a gravel path has been provided along the west side of the building of HHP 6. This gravel path must…

In future, access for all construction vehicles will be via the Wissenschaftspark. To enable this, an appropriate access route from Kuhnkestraße must…

Campus area C/D

As from 20.03.2023 the remaining <b>parking spaces between the modular buildings Olshausenstraße 80 and Leibnizstraße 1 will be closed.

Detours and closings on the parking spaces in front of Olshausenstraße 80 are to be expected.

As part of starting work on the new CeTEB building, parts of the car park in front of the modular buildings at Olshausenstraße 80 need to be blocked…

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Campus area A


Campus area B


Campus area C/D



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