Interruption to the district heating supply: Lectures cancelled on November 19, as from noon

Due to a leakage in the Stadtwerke Kiel’s heating network connecting Leibnizstraße urgent repair work is expected to take place on Thursday, November 19, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The following buildings are affected:

Kiel University Library (closed as from noon, 12 p.m.)

University Canteen / Mensa II (remain open regularly)

University Sports Centre (services and activities according to normal schedule)

Department of Biology

Centre Molecular Biosciences (ZMB),

Department of Physics

Buildings Leibnizstraße 1 and 3

Faculty Buildings, Leibnizstraße 4 bis 10

Botanical Garden

Olshausenstraße 75

The other buildings and spaces at Kiel University are not affected.

During this time in the named above buildings there will be no heating and no hot water. The buildings will be heated in the night before. There will be no automatic lowering of temperature at night. The central building control will monitor inside temperatures within the buildings.

For the moment, the necessary inside temperature according to workplace regulations cannot be guaranteed. This applies in particular to the later time of day. Lectures within the named above buildings take place regularly until noon, 12 p.m. All lectures and events at these buildings are hereby cancelled on Thursday, November 19, as from noon, 12 p.m. The buildings remain open.

If students miss courses as from noon, 12 p.m., in the buildings affected by this regulation, these absences will not be regarded as unauthorized. Institutes will try to announce changes to rooms or alternative dates on time. Students are also asked to actively keep themselves informed and to catch up on any missed lecture contents by themselves. Late arrivals to courses or exams on account of room changes will be accepted to a certain extent. Courses or exams scheduled in the affected buildings are prohibited during this period of closure and will not be held even if staff and students both agree on it.

Regular work obligations apply to all employees affected by this regulation on Thursday, November 9, until noon, 12 p.m. In case you are not able to work as from 12 p.m. due to the temperatures, you may go home in agreement with your supervisor, otherwise work regulations apply as usual. Any missed working hours do not have to be compensated. In this case, employees of faculties and central units with variable working hours are asked to use the DAP option (“Dienstbefreiung auf Anordnung” – special leave on order, for missing full days – similar to “Krank nach Dienstantritt - ill after starting work”) on the time registration terminals (for missing full days – similar to “Krank nach Dienstantritt - ill after starting work”). Employees of the central administration are asked to contact Stephanie Mahrt for time correction. There are no special regulations for employees with disabilities.



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