Anger Grounds

The redesign of the Anger site decided in 2017 is based on the idea of an open campus design flowing into the city, which also strengthens the transfer of knowledge in spatial terms.

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With the construction of the new so-called Juridicum, a modern research, teaching and administration building for the Faculty of Law will be built. The Juridicum preludes the restructuring of the Faculty blocks.

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In addition to labs and offices for the Department of Geography, the first two floors of the new 5 storey building will include a modern seminar area with working space for students. 

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Hensen- /Höber-Haus

The 6 storey new building unites a number of different uses by the CAU Animal Facility and the Institute of Physiology under one roof. 

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Faculty blocks with joined library unit

The renovation of the faculty blocks and the creation of a library association is now entering the third phase.

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ground floor

Medical research and teaching campus

A new medical research and teaching campus for Kiel University is being constructed along Feldstraße. This will consist of three new research buildings and a study campus with a new lecture hall building. Research labs and lecture halls which were previously spread across numerous departments of the UKSH campus will thus be arranged on one campus. For students in particular, the medical campus should be a place of contact and exchange.

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with "Geotechnikum"

The urban development objective of the new Institute of Geosciences building is to generate an independent, distinctive building that can depict the extensive spatial programme and blend in with the existing campus structure.

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The new building for the agricultural Institutes will be a modern lab and office building, which also includes the Computing Centre offices.

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The new Department of Mathematics building is planned next to the Wissenschaftspark. In addition to classrooms and offices, the new building will also hold the joint library belonging to the Departments of Mathematics, Computer Science and the Computing Centre.

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Faculty of Engineering

The majority of the Faculty of Engineering buildings are more than sixty years old. Due to their previous use for ship-building and industry, the grounds and buildings are also not suited to the modern and competitive requirements of university research and teaching. In order to bring the excellent and inter­nationally-renowned working groups of the Centre for Networked Sensor Systems (ZevS – Zentrum für vernetzte Sensorsystem) together in an interdisciplinary environment, a new research building, including lecture theatre and library areas, is planned for the Ostufer Campus of the Faculty of Engineering.

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Abbreviations for roads, buildings and facilities are used in many places in Kiel University’s printed and online publications. The abbreviations used are explained here:

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