New Geography building

In addition to labs and offices for Kiel University’s Department of Geography, the first two floors of the new 5 storey building will include a modern seminar area with working space for students, which will be available for all university members. 

The sculptural structure orientates itself in the east and the north to the existing building structure, but intentionally adapts towards the green area of the Anger in the west and the south. The red brick building uses a typical material for institute buildings on campus, but the shape and facade construction add a contemporary flair.

A marked two-storey recess on Ludewig-Meyn-Straße acts as an inviting entrance to the foyer, which is also accessible from the Anger, from where the departmental and seminar areas can be accessed.

The objective of creating a spatial structure which promotes communication, but also still offers opportunities to retreat is the reason for collecting the seminar rooms on the ground floor and first floor together in blocks. There is a large open area between them containing the necessary pathways and working space for students.

Both floors are connected by a void with an open stairway. The floor-plan layout enables the building to closely align with its surroundings.

We aim to achieve silver certification according to the national assessment system for sustainable building (BNB).

Key data:

Construction: 2018-2020
Effective area: 3.600 qm
Storeys: 6 (incl. technology floor)


Photo gallery:

Baufeld Geographie

Demolition of the old building: