1000 Tenure-Track Programme

Kiel University is a national pioneer in implementing the programme.

Two years ago, the federal government and the states agreed to make a billion Euros available for a joint tenure-track programme for the promotion of junior academics at universities. This should help to ensure that the career paths in the academic world become more predictable and transparent. The programme focuses on boosting the tenure-track professorship as a separate career path, alongside the traditional appointment procedures for a professorship at German universities, in order to establish this option permanently in Germany.

In the first round of funding last year, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) created 14 new professorships for junior academics at Kiel University (CAU). On 1 October, Professor Andreas Mühling will take up the first of the new W1 professorships at the CAU. This makes Kiel University one of the first universities in Germany to implement the new programme. As the only fully-fledged university in Schleswig-Holstein, the CAU has a special responsibility to make the career prospects of its junior academics more secure and predictable, said Professor Karin Schwarz, Vice President of research, technology transfer and early career researchers: "The tenure-track programme has motivated us to reassess the existing diverse activities at our university, and to combine them in an overall strategy. The fact that this has worked so well and so quickly motivates us to apply for a second round of funding."

"Tenure Track" represents a probationary period during which scientists are employed on a temporary basis. After a successful evaluation, they immediately transition to a permanent professorship.

Andreas Mühling
© Jürgen Haacks, Kiel University

Andreas Mühling is Professor of Computer Science Didactics from 1 October. He is thus one of the first academics nationwide to be appointed as part of the 1000 Tenure-Track Programme at German universities.


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