Executive board adopts anti-discrimination directive

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Just in time for the eighth German Diversity Day, the Executive Board of the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel (CAU) today (Tuesday, 26 May 2020) adopted a guideline on how to deal with discrimination, sexualised violence and bullying. Under the leadership of the Vice President for Diversity, Professor Anja Pistor-Hatam, a working group with the participation of various experts has been working on the document for over a year. "I am very pleased that we now have this guideline and that it can be made known throughout the university. It will be a guideline for all CAU members: Discrimination, sexualised violence and bullying are not tolerated at our university," stresses Pistor-Hatam.

In particular, the Central Equal Opportunities Officer, Dr. Iris Werner, and the Central Diversity Officer, Eddi Steinfeldt-Mehrtens, have worked to strengthen the rights of those affected at the CAU and to make the complaints procedure more transparent, based on consultation cases on sexualised violence and discrimination. The directive regulates an informal counselling and a formal complaints procedure, and also defines important terms relating to protection against discrimination. It also deals with intersectional (overlapping and interwoven) multiple discrimination and designates specific contact points at the CAU. "During the consultation process, we have repeatedly found that many people do not even know that they can turn to several offices within the CAU in the event of discrimination," say Werner and Steinfeldt-Mehrtens. The directive now creates more transparency, also with regard to possible sanctions. "We are pleased that the directive makes an active contribution to a culture of looking at things and raising awareness of the issue," both agree.

Daniela Geißler, in-house lawyer at the CAU, and the lawyer Tobias Lübke, who is responsible for Academic Affairs, supported the drafting of the directive with their expertise. In addition, the Women's Emergency Hotline Kiel, which maintains an advice centre on the CAU campus, and students were also involved. Employees at the University are already generally protected against discrimination in the workplace by the General Equal Treatment Act, but this was only partly true for students. This gap in protection is now closed by the directive. For this reason, Lisa-Marie Fricke from the AStA board of directors as well as Teresa Jütten, Marissa Zavazava and Niels Luithardt from the fields of inclusion, feminism and anti-racism were involved in the drafting of the directive.

Those affected by sexualised violence or discrimination can turn to various offices at the CAU for advice. More information is available at: www.beratung.uni-kiel.de


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The eighth German Diversity Day will take place on 26 May 2020.

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Dr. Iris Werner
Head of the Equality, Diversity & Family Unit and Equal Opportunities Officer of the CAU


Eddi Steinfeldt-Mehrens
Diversity Officer


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