20,000 crocuses in purple and white for Kiel University

In collaboration with the gardeners, university alumnus Cordelia Andreßen (left) and jubilee coordinator Anne Waller plant bulbs for 20,000 crocuses in Kiel’s Prinzengarten.
Photo/Copyright: CAU

Just in time for the upcoming jubilee year 2015 Kiel University received an early birthday present on Thursday 20, 2014. On the initiative of the university’s alumni Professor Rüdiger Andreßen und Dr Cordelia Andreßen bulbs for 20,000 crocuses were planted in Kiel’s Prinzengarten. The floridity close to the monument for Tsar Peter the Third is not to be seen yet. In the coming spring, however, the crocuses will blossom in the university colors purple and white. “When we heard of the common idea of the university and the City of Kiel to plant various spaces throughout the town in the colors of the university we were excited immediately”, explains Rüdiger Andreßen. “It is a matter of great importance to me and my wife to recall the close connection of Kiel University and the Kieler Schloss with these plants. The university was founded here and here it had its buildings since 1768.” Cordelia Andreßen adds: „We feel a close bond with the university and have the wish that numerous alumni and supporters will join us in visualizing the importance of Kiel University for the city during the anniversary year.” Anne Waller, project management university jubilee, reports that the whole of Kiel shall bloom in purple and white in 2015: “We hope for many other organizations and individuals to plant in the university’s colors next year to show their solidarity.”

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